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quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2013

Curious Case: Things that famous people do!

Heeeey Tonight!!! Gonna be tonight!!! Don't you know i'm flyin'...Tonight, tonight.... 
Ok, ok, I will stop singing and speaking what matters! Today I am here to tell you some facts about famous personalities such as William Shakespeare ... Check it out!

1ª - Charles Dickens, the novelist used to write until early in the morning, and then go for long walks across London!

2ª - Willian Shaakespeare used to act in some of his own playes!

3ª - The German philosopher Immanuel Kant used to do exactly the same things at the same time every day, so that people used to set their watches by his actions!

4ª - The author Ágathaa Christie used to help her second busband with his archaelogical excavations!

5ª - The novelist James Joyce used to teach English in the Italian city of Trieste and some people say that he used to tell his students the wrong meanings of words as a joke!

6ª - The novelist Marcel Proust used to work in a especial soundproof room!

7ª - The anciet Greek philosophers uset to hold their classes outs in the open air!

8ª - The Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov used to spend his free time studying and catching moths and butterflies.

Curious, no? So were brilliant! But I think I'll go back to sing my little song! Until next time folks!
Hey, c'mon,
Gonna chase tomorrow
Tonight, tonight. (...)


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